Re: DB Schema

On 04/06/07 19:06, Bruno Santos wrote:

I've just finished a first version of the DB schema.
Give it a look and tell what you think.

Hi Bruno,

Thanks for the initial draft. I think we can use the artweb-list for discussions like this one so anyone who is interested can comment.

I have a few questions to start with:

  Missing a name field?
  What is the allow_in_collection field for?
  What is download_id?

  What is download_id?
  Missing a name field?

  Do we need an extra field here for file type, or size?
Should we calculate the resolution from the file, rather than have a fixed number of resolutions?

  Install instructions would be good here

  What are the values for flag?

  "acl_level" should be just "acl"
  Add last_login to record the last time the user logged in

Thanks for the time taken to bring all this together! Perhaps we can now add it to the wiki page?

We also need to decide on a naming convention for our table and field names. There are some good ones on the internet. I have found <> which is probably closest to our current style. It also lists some alternatives at the bottom. Let me know which one you like best.



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