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On 9/7/05, Ali Davoodifar <davoodifar gmail com> wrote:
> You should still be able to implement a way that the users upload
> their own thumbnails AND adhere to a certain standard (i.e standard
> size etc...)
> As for having it both ways I would still say no. And my reasoning
> would be a simple adherence to the KISS principle. If it's not
> "absolutely" necessary it shouldn't be there. It works for application
> design just as much as graphic design or any other design discipline
> for that matter.

I'm sure the designer could automate the thumbnails in their image
editor, but suppose if they 'needed' to make a small change to the
artwork...  then they have to now change a thumbnail also?  What if
for different sections later we had 2 different sized thumbnails?

My comment before was about data corruption - as I know when people
maintain 2 databases, someone always forgets to do a change in both
despite how hard they try.  People get lazy :-)

To answer volvoguy's, question - yes, the technical wizardry is all
possible.  Not much of it is that hard -- just boosts the required
packages to be installed on the server, and you have to probably chmod
a few more directories differently.

if (isset($thumbnail_url)) {
// show thumbnail.
} else {
// generate thumbnail (and cache)

Anyhow, just my 2c.  It's probably one of those features where either
way works just as well, but it starts some interesting usability
discussions :-)


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