Current Work

A couple of notes on the current upcoming work on art-web. Please choose something you'd like to work on, and let the list know you're working on it!

* I've added a submit_background template, and the same needs doing for submit_themes, and other pages. This would be a good place to start getting to know the art-web code if you want to help out. If someone would like to make the theme-detail template, then it would be nice to be able to close this bug too: (Theme download page should give installation instructions)

* Vincent Untz has made a preliminary French localised template. Goto to try it out. To switch back to english, use We now need an option to let the user switch between languages in the interface. If anyone feels like adding any more languages, feel free!

* Although I mentioned it in a previous e-mail, I'm not yet convinced we need loops in templates yet. We can always use a separate template to define items that are written out more than once (such as a list item).

* I wrote a quick "page" system yesterday. It allows for content pages (such as an about page and a resources page) to be stored in the database. My only concern so far is that perhaps this sort of page should be kept in the template so that it can be localised in the same way as the templates. However, it wouldn't be hard to add localisation in the way I have already implemented it. Does anyone have any comments on this?

* Now that templates have been implemented, I'd like to start work on the ToDo items that include UI changes. This includes allowing users to edit their theme descriptions and their own comments. Also on the list is improving the search page UI.

* There isn't yet a template for the front page but I also really want to improve the layout of the front page. If anyone has any suggestions, let me know!


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