[Anjuta-list] Is it possible to install latest Anjuta on Fedora 8?


I'm trying to install latest Anjuta on Fedora 8, but got no success.
The reason I guest is that Fedora 8 only supports glib-2.0 2.14.0
while Anjuta 2.25.903 requires glib-2.0 2.16.0.
Is there any configuration for Anjuta to accept lower version of such
libraries (glib, gmodule, gthread...)?

The reason I'm trying to upgrade to latest Anjuta is that I can't
include pthread library to Anjuta 2.2.3. I opened Prj property, add
package gthread, but it doesn't take affect.
By the way, why I only see gthread instead of pthread when libpread is
already installed on the machine?

Thank you!


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