Re: [Anjuta-list] unable to open javascript files



In general, we would have to determine the parent mime-type using
gnome-vfs if possible and open the file.


Torsten Eberhardt schrieb:
> Hi all,
> I just recognized, that Anjuta seems to refuse opening JavaScript
> files (.js). I am using Anjuta 2.0.2 on a regular Fedora Core 6
> setup, for some time and have never seen this behaviour. When I
> set the file association to any other editor like gedit those
> files are always opened with gedit even from the file->open
> dialog in Anjuta. Why ? When I set the file association to Anjuta
> (my preferred editor) the same procedure does nothing !
> file->open->(select any .js)->open ... no error, no action ...
> Any ideas, what happened, or any tips to start searching for the
> reason of my problem ?
> Thanks in advance,
> Torsten
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