Re: [Anjuta-list] anjuta compile errors at libs/


solarisx a écrit :
I tried to uncomment gdb in configure and in the Makefiles without success.
Simply removing gdbmi-test and modifying the Makefile didnt work too.

What kind of error do you get ? make still try to build gdbmi-test or you get an error on another file ?

Is there a fast way to fix the problem?

Well, in plugins/gdb/Makefile you should have a line like this
noinst_PROGRAMS = gdbmi-test$(EXEEXT)
if you replace it with
noinst_PROGRAMS =
make shouldn't build gdbmi-test anymore. You need to change this each time you run the configure script as Makefile is generated from

The clean way to remove gdbmi-test is to remove the following lines
noinst_PROGRAMS = gdbmi-test
gdbmi_test_SOURCES = gdbmi-test.c
gdbmi_test_LDADD =
But you need to regenerate all makefiles which takes quite a lots of time.

Anyway, there is probably a problem with the build process which would probably give some errors later. Which version of autotool do you use ?



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