[Anjuta-list] Inention of whole blocks and other things in Anjuta 2.0.2

Hi all,

I recently got the new version of Anjuta (2.0.2) available from the
debian unstable tree. I just noticed that some of the realy exciting
functionality of Anjuta 1.2.4a seems to be missing in Anjuta 2.0.2

For example: Are these things possible:

- Indention / unindentio of a marked textblock?
- Using Pixel fonts (like the "fixed" font) in both editor plugins?
- Importing old Anjuta projects?

Best regards,

Ole Reinhardt

kernel concepts    Tel: +49-271-771091-14
Dreisbachstr. 24   Fax: +49-271-771091-19
D-57250 Netphen    E+ : +49-177-7420433

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