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What I mean by hardware needs is that the machine will need more memory and
CPU, since ten users using Linux remotely uses up system resources. I know
thet X was built with remote usage in mind, but it costs in hardware.

Thanks for the input!


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On 6/24/05, Servico Tpd Rodrigo Alfonso Menezes Madera
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> Well, you mean like setting up an app server?? That would require some
> hardware for the Linux box!

Not at all.  X11 was designed to be used over the network.  All you
need is an X11 server (like Cygwin's port of Xorg), and you will be
able to display apps running on the linux box, on your Windows
desktop.  SSH (including puTTY) includes the capability to encrypt the
protocol, to make it safe over unfriendly networks.  There are other
(non-free) X11 servers available as well.

You do NOT need anything more than an ssh server running on the Linux
box, and an X11 server on the desktop you want to use the apps from.

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