[Anjuta-list] anjuta's debugging

HI !

After I load an executable in order to debug a project in Anjuta , I go to
Debug->Execution->Run to Cursor ( F8 ) menu.
It fails to start debugging with following error:

ERROR:warning:Unable to find dynamic linker breakpoint function.
GDB will be unable to debug shared library initializers and track
explicitly loaded dynamic code.

Also, I tried to start gdb with my program :
gdb my_program
file /path/to/my_program
but when I do
break main
it says
Cannot access memory at address 0x400a0ab0

I actually try to debug a huge project, ( not my ) , so I wonder if
typing "make" it makes me a release o debug build
So I look in its Makefile and found the following line:


so it is in debug state don't it ? I tried to remove -O2 and then
once more....
the result is the same :(

What I must do in order to debug successfuly my project in anjuta ?
Please help !

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