[Anjuta-list] gettext and an error while building distribution

Hi all,

Recently I've started writing my first Linux program
'for public', so I've got a lot to learn along the way.

(I'm using Anjuta 1.2.2 on FC4.)

My project (C++, gtkmm) is configured to have gettext support.
Now I see that in that case there's a /intl dir to distribute,
but the alternative is to include <libintl.h>, right? So is
there a way to remove it (the whole intl directory) from the
project (within Anjuta or maybe disabling it to overwrite some
configuration file and then modifying it)?

What is the standard procedure when someone is doing a CVS
import of a project which is being developed with Anjuta?
Since there are files that (I conclude looking at a couple of
random CVS's) don't need to be in the CVS (autogen.sh,
stamp.*, ..., the prj file), I suppose the right
way is to choose 'Build distribution' and then import from
the created directory (project-0.x)?
Well I've tried doing that and I get the following error:

(after the /po things are done)
make[1]: Entering directory '/home/marko/project/include'
make[1]: *** No rule to make target 'distdir'. Stop.
leaving dir...
make: *** [distdir] Error 1

What have I missed to do earlier? There's a directory
project-0.1 where it seems only /include and /src are left
to be created and /include is, but it's empty (because
of this error obviously).



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