[Anjuta-list] [new user] libtool: link: cannot find 'usr\lib\libstdc++.la'

I am a new anjuta ide user and I want to congragulate the developers of this project for their excellent work! I have a red hat 9 system and I want to use anjuta with the gtkmm2 library. I have already installed the appropriate gtkmm2 packages but I have a problem. When I anjuta initialize my gtkmm2 project everything goes fine. However after the successful compilation the build task fails and it shows the following message...
libtool: link: cannot find 'usr\lib\libstdc++.la'

I checked if the libstdc++ rpm is installed but everything is fine.
I also updated the gcc+ compiler to 3.2.2 version but the problem  keeps on.

Could you  help me please?
Thank you in advance kostas.

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