[Anjuta-list] Debugger and Anjuta Newbie

Hello to everybody,
I've imported a project in anjuta, everything went fine, but I have this problem:
When starting debugger I get:
"The target executable does not exist for this project"
And, of course, the target executables exists and is in the project's top directory.
So the question is: how do I tell Anjuta which is the project's target executable?

More, I easily solve the above problem manually loading the executable in the debugger, but, once I've done this, where can I tell the debugger the paramters it should pass to the executable?

I really hope you can give support on this stuff.

Thanks in advance

PS: I am using Anjuta 1.2.0 with gcc 3.2.3

Luca Rosellini
Registered Linux User 261056

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