Re: [Anjuta-devel] Re: [Anjuta-list] building anjuta on slack 9.1 - configuration mismanagement with libiconv , help?

Johannes Schmid wrote:

There a two different ways to install libiconv. Slackware seems to use the unusually way. You can find details about it at projects/libiconv>.

But they have automake macros so it should be simple to support it.


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do you mean that?

sorry cant see the anjuta linking problem here...


On systems other than GNU/Linux, the iconv program will be internationalized only if GNU gettext has been built and installed before GNU libiconv. This means that the first time GNU libiconv is installed, we have a circular dependency between the GNU libiconv and GNU gettext packages, which can be resolved by building and installing either

    * first libiconv, then gettext, then libiconv again,

or (on systems supporting shared libraries, excluding AIX)

    * first gettext, then libiconv, then gettext again.

Recall that before building a package for the second time, you need to erase the traces of the first build by running "make distclean". XXXXXXXXXX worth a try XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

This library can be built and installed in two variants:

* The library mode. This works on all systems, and uses a library and a header file <iconv.h>. (Both are installed through "make install".)

      To use it, simply #include <iconv.h> and use the functions.

      To use it in an autoconfiguring package:
o If you don't use automake, append m4/iconv.m4 to your aclocal.m4 file. o If you do use automake, add m4/iconv.m4 to your m4 macro repository. o Add to the link command line of libraries and executables that use the functions the placeholder @LIBICONV@ (or, if using libtool for the link, @LTLIBICONV@). If you use automake, the right place for these additions are the *_LDADD variables. Note that iconv.m4 is also part of the GNU gettext package, which installs it in /usr/local/share/aclocal/iconv.m4.

* The libc plug/override mode. This works on GNU/Linux, Solaris and OSF/1 systems only. It is a way to get good iconv support without having glibc-2.1. It installs a library This library can be used with LD_PRELOAD, to override the iconv* functions present in the C library.
          o On GNU/Linux and Solaris:

$ export LD_PRELOAD=/usr/local/lib/

          o On OSF/1:

$ export _RLD_LIST=/usr/local/lib/

A program's source need not be modified, the program need not even be recompiled. Just set the LD_PRELOAD environment variable, that's it!

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