[Anjuta-list] Missing 'vte.pc" for configuring anjuta 1.2.2 from tarball

I cannot find this component, although there is a vte in /usr/bin and
vte directories in both /usr/lib and /usr/share.

Normally, I would use Mandrakes rpm of anjuta 1.2.2 but it is not,
apparently, up to speed with Mandrake cooker and is unable to execute
command WANT_AUTOCONF-2.5=1.

The system includes autoconf2.1-2.13-21 and autoconf2.5-2.59-6. 

I've run into this before, which explains why I thought it best to build
anjuta from tarball myself.

Can anyone help with the 'vte.pc' module?

My grateful thanks,


G. Walsh,
Managing Director,
DSC Directional Services Corp.,
Victoria, B.C., Canada

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