[Anjuta-list] Newbie Questions

Hi all,

I just got Anjuta installed last week and I'm very impressed with its
interface and its automation.  But I'm having two minor problems:

1) When I create a project, I'm getting an error message that says,
Error: The project glade file does not exist in the top level project

I'm running Gnome on Red Hat 7.2 and I do have Glade installed.  This is
especially odd since the project I created was a Generic/Terminal

2) I can't figure out how to dock the Project window.  I can call it up
from the view menu or from the button on the toolbar, but it always
appears as a standalone window which disappears when I click on the main
Anjuta window.  I would like to dock it in the main window.  Can anyone
tell me how to do this?



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