[Anjuta-list] Problem using Glade+Anjuta

I am a newbie to Anjuta and Glade as well.
I am using Anjuta v. 1.0.0.

I am facing a problem which I suspect is due to my unfamiliarity with
both the IDE and the RAD tool.

I generated a glade interface for my program with a window with a
menubar without any menuitem. The compilation and execution went

The next time, I added a few menuitems and generated code from
glade. But when I built the project 
again, I couldn't see the new menuitems. I looked at the interface.c
file - code for the new menuitems wasn't there.

I checked the glade interface file. It DID have the new menuitems
definitions in it. Why didn't the fresh interface.c have the new code?
What am I missing?

- Sandip

Sandip Bhattacharya
sandipb <@> bigfoot.com
http://www.sandipb.net             GPG/PGP: 0x08EB637C

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