Re: [Anjuta-list] Tools editor


I've just committed numerous small fixes/enhancements to the tools stuff
(almost all features are now working, and there is also a full-fledged
tools editor with online help).

> It compile now and it is very cool . I had in a few seconds everything
> I need ...

Please let me know if there are things you'd like to do but cannot due
to limitations of the tools framework, so that we can enhance it to
better suit everyone's needs. I'd especially like to get feedback from
people in unusual environments (e.g. using a different build system,
printing framework, etc.) to know if the tools framework allows them
enough customization of the interface.

> Just a thing in the pull-down list for working directories there is
> top.proj_dir instead of top.proj.dir

Fixed. Thanks.

> And, just to know, where can I find a complete list of anjuta variables
> like current.filename etc... ?

The list of all variables (I *hope* - I might have missed some) along
with their meanings and current values can be seen by clicking on the
'Help' button of the tool editor (you need the latest CVS version for
this to work).


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