Re: [Anjuta-list] RFC: Python dependency

I think that building the scripting functionality, anjuta could test on startup for what scripting languages it can find and use them.  Instead of requiring them.  If you had some plugins in a specific scripting language that option could be dissabled until the user installs the language.  But for templating it would seem logical to require a specific language.  I would think if you require a user to install Perl, Python, Tcl, Ruby and others to get Anjuta installed you may have some unhappy users.  But if you standardize on one scripting language and allow the user to configure other scripting languages.  I would suggest grabbing a copy of Komodo from Activestate.  You can get a free trial.  This uses python extensivly and you can add in Perl and Tcl support easily.  The actually have a stripped down version of python that gets installed with Komodo to make sure they can trust the version and installed modules.


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From: Andres Montiel <mainlists chargedideas com>
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> On Mon, 2002-12-02 at 11:52, Biswapesh Chattopadhyay wrote:
> > Hi all
> > 
> > Just a quick (final) question: Will it be problematic for Anjuta users
> > if Python becomes a mandatory requirement ? In return, we will be
> > powerful scriptability and templates system at little development cost.
> > 
> Not really. Most people still have space on their hard drives for
> Python. However, it may be a bit of a bugger for me. I'm using Anjuta on
> an old laptop with 1.2 GB of space. :)
> - Andoy
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