Re: [Anjuta-list] new project creation error

On Thu, 2001-12-13 at 07:15, Linux Newbie wrote:
> Hey, could anybody give me a hand with a problem I am running into
here. I 
> am a real linux newbie and I need a hand because I can't seem to get
> to make a new project for me. When I make a new file (C++) I get an

You probably mean New C++ *Project* ?

> 'Error: The Project Glade file does not exist in the top level

It's an annoying bug - just ignore it and you'll be fine.

> And in the little log window I get a line in red that says
> 	" required directory ./intl does not exist"

Now that's odd - I don't get this. Try disabling GNU gettext support and
see what happens.

> Now I used apt to make sure I had glade installed and I installed
> just in case. Maybe somebody could tell me what I am doing wrong?
>   Oh, and I am running Debian on a PPC platform. Kerelversion: 2.4 and
I am 
> on Debian 3.0

Anjuta version ?


>   Any suggestions?
>    Thanks a lot!
>     Terry
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