[anjuta-devel] Anjuta crashes when loading source files

Hi all,
For about a week my Anjuta install has been crippled by some crash when
I try to load any source file, or for that matter anything that opens in
the document manager in anjuta. The really weird thing is, it only
crashes if I run Anjuta through jhbuild. If I run my test copy directly,
it doesn't crash, but a lot of other things don't work (file dialogs,
auto indenting, syntax highlighting, and probably a few other things I
haven't noticed.)

How should I go about debugging this one? Yesterday I flushed out my
jhbuild environment and rebuilt everything from scratch and I still get
the crash. Does anyone else see this behavior? I'm not sure if this is a
real bug or just something wrong with my setup, so I thought I'd ask
here before filing a bug.


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