Re: foo camp demo

Havoc Pennington <hp redhat com> writes:

> Signed up to demo yarrr tomorrow, so if people could avoid breaking
> that would be cool ;-) (well, it seems to have a couple
> bugs where I have to press reload manually, and "upload image to
> whiteboard" is messed up, but fixing them may add risk)

I'd recommend only opening one live comment at a time, and not going to
the 8080 interface.  You may need to make a new account.  Also, if you
haven't seen the new interface, you click on the top bar to expand the
chat area.  If you keep it closed, you can see he cool floating text
when others type.

> Maybe some of the hackers should join YarrrPlayground at 1 eastern 10
> California to answer questions and fix disasters.

I'll try to be there.


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