Re: [xslt] xsltproc option to get an error when an external entity can't be loaded?

On 2006-01-21 20:41:36 -0500, Daniel Veillard wrote:
>  Hum, there is no such option. And this may not be a fatal error
> from an XML point of view,

I agree, that's why it should be an option (it is fatal in my case).

> not really trivial, plus the error could occur 
> when using document() ...

Yes, this should be checked too.

>  Basically this would require xsltproc to install a specific error
> handler and catch those, not very hard but not implemented.

Is an error handler really needed? Couldn't there be some global error
flag then would be set, and tested just before xsltproc exits?

FYI, I've submitted a feature request:

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