[xslt] Update for libxslt/libxml manpages?

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I asked Daniel Veillard for an update of the libxml(2).3 and libxslt.3
manpages distributed with the source. The current manpages are (maybe) a
bit outdated and they contain one issue: 

- they should not reference the full path in the files section

Further libxml.3 should IMHO be renamed to libxml2.3. Your opinion?

I would offer to rewrite these manpages in XML and fix the mentioned
bugs. As far as I understand Daniel's answer:

> [..]
> > PS: Would you be interested in updated libxml(3) and libxslt(3) manpages
> > too? I could rewrite them in XML and fix a few bugs. One is, that these
>  That would be great. Actually one of the things I never took the
> time to do is to make XSLT stylesheets to generate man pages for the 
> functions entry points from doc/libxml2-api.xml and doc/libxslt-api.xml
> that's probably the simplest.
> [..]

he suggests to use the libxml2-api.xml/libxslt-api.xml files and create
the manpages using these files, which seems to be a good idea to me. One
possible implementation: The manpages get a basic structure
(refentry/refentryinfo + stuff currently mentioned in the existing
manpages) and inbound another XML document, which is created via XSLT
from the mentioned api-files. The resulting (refentry) XML file can then
be processed via xsltproc and the manpage is created. Your opinion?

Regards, Daniel

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