Re: [xslt] Segmentation Fault caused by xsl:text

On Tue, Mar 22, 2005 at 01:58:36PM -0500, roso bellsouth net wrote:
> I think that I just found another bug causing a Segmentation Fault when using the xslt transformation function in PHP 5 (with libxslt 1.1.13). 
> It is triggered by a simple xsl:text placed correctly within a template.
> <xsl:text>foo</xsl:text>

  there is plenty of those in the regression tests. As is your rapport
is useless, if you want to be sure this get fixed follow the guidelines:
   1/ test with the latest version especially the cvs snapshot from
   2/ if this is reproductible with xsltproc then create a bugzilla entry
      attaching the input stylehseet and document.


  A bug with xsl:text has been fixed recently in CVS, I have no way to
check this is what you're seeing !


Daniel Veillard      | Red Hat Desktop team
veillard redhat com  | libxml GNOME XML XSLT toolkit | Rpmfind RPM search engine

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