Re: [xslt] Beginner XSLT/xsltproc question.

> Good!   that works.  thanks.  I do not understand XML or namespaces.
> Can you tell me a good place to learn?  

I recomend you

>    Where is my name space
> defined?  Is it defined by this:
> xmlns="";  ?
Yes, that means all your elements in the XML without a prefix will be part of this namespace.
> Also, what exactly is a name space?  Is it expected that xsltproc  or
> whatever program one uses to get output make a network connection and
> fetch the file?  There is not file at that web location.
No, there will be no connection to that URL. In fact, is not really an URL, it is an URI. It's an
unique identifier. For example, if you use element <book> in your XMLs it ensures that your <book>
is not the same as the <book> element defined by somebody else. So it is used just to identify
different classes.


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