Re: [xslt] xslt error message

hi again,

I have not received any ideas from the list but continued digging and
googleing and came with an answer that prints a lot of error texts to e.g.
a log  file. Just in case some else too needs this I'll post my solution
here. I have added a method and modified the code like this. Is there

void xmlMyErrorFunc(void * ctx, const char * msg,...){

// Get # of %-signs in msg and use that to get that many void* parameters
using macros

 va_list marker;
 va_arg( marker, void *);
 va_end( marker );

I did not find any good way to know how many parameters I need? What if msg
contains %%?

// use sprintf to get the resulting text and write to log.


The code below I modified to look something like this:

 ctxt = xsltNewTransformContext(cur, doc);
 if (ctxt == NULL) {

 xsltSetGenericErrorFunc(ctxt,xmlMyErrorFunc);  // This directs errors to
above method. I don't know where the errors went before.

 res = xsltApplyStylesheetUser(cur,doc,pars,NULL,NULL,ctxt);
 if (res == NULL) {
//    Write error remark telling the user to have a look at tge log
  return "";

> hi,
> I cannot get an error message from libxslt. I would be very gratefull for
> some advice in this!
> I have this code:
> ------------
>  res = xsltApplyStylesheet(cur,doc,pars);
>  if (res == NULL) {
>   xmlErrorPtr errx;
>   errx = xmlGetLastError();
> ...................
> }
> --------
> It works ok as long as the transformation succeeds but when an error
> in the transformation
> then the function xsltApplyStylesheet  returns NULL
> and also xmlGetLastError() returns NULL and I don't get any error message.
> Is there a function liks xsltGetLastError() or how should I be abel to
> display the reson of the failure??
> regards
> Kaarle Kaila
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