Re: [xslt] [BUG?] xslt:variable to represent some elements issue

On Saturday 20 August 2005 20:26, Mark Vakoc wrote:
> > This looks really neat, and would be ideal, HOWEVER, I can't qualify the
> > "result" variable as "$result/Redirect" or whatever would look like an
> > node access. In fact, the global variable is *not* a string, it's an
> > element template, exactly as the XSLT specification has declared (I read
> > it that way at least);
> No, it's a result tree fragment:
> > So now, is this a bug of libxslt's xpath or XSLT implementation regarding
> > xsl:variable element templates?
> >
> > If not, how do I reach my goal then?
> libxslt is following the spec correctly.  Use the non-standard
> exsl:node-set() to convert a result tree fragment to a node-set.

errr... I never had luck with XPath and namespaces....

What do I need to specify to get "exslt:node-set($myresultTree)" working?

Christian Parpart.

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