[xslt] xsl:document (intenially?) escaping filenames


I am having problems outputting multiple documents using xsl:document if
the URIs contains whitespace.
I have the impression that the script has been working with an earlier
version of libxml/libxslt.
I already upgraded to the latest version but same behaviour.
The directory structure already exists is writable and the files are
written by the script if no spaces are included in the URIs.

Here is the code excerpt

<xsl:variable name="outFile" select="concat( 'mp3/Artist/',
current()/../FileName, '/', ArtistName, '/index.html')"/>
<xsl:document href="{$outFile}" method="html" encoding="UTF-8">

and here the output of xsltproc -v

Lookup variable outFile
found variable outFile
xsltEvalXPathString: returns mp3/Artist/2/2 Raumwohnung/index.html
xsltEvalAttrValueTemplate: {$outFile} returns mp3/Artist/2/2
I/O error : No such file or directory
runtime error: file MakeArtistIndex.xsl line 40 element document
xsltDocumentElem: unable to save to mp3/Artist/2/2%20Raumwohnung/index.html

So it looks to me that the variable is created correctly but the
xsl:document function is escaping the space character.

Any hint anybody how to suppress this?

regards Achim

PS: Please reply directly as I am not subscribed to the list yet

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