[xslt] exslt date:date-time(), date:difference() problems with timezone offset

Hi all,

  In response http://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=153000 I made a small
modification to the normalization routine.  The basic problem was that a
timezone offset (expressed as + or -) was being applied in the "wrong"
direction, i.e. a time of 10:00:00-07:00 was treated as "earlier" than
10:00:00Z.  I've convinced myself that the bug reporter (and my change) is
correct, and I've committed the change to CVS, together with a change to the
result of the regression test tests/exslt/date/add.1.[xsl,xml].  I'd
appreciate any feedback if anyone thinks I'm totally confused :-).


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