Re: [xslt] minimizing memory usage with RVTs

On Tue, Nov 09, 2004 at 10:45:45AM -0800, Mark Vakoc wrote:
> [sorry, accidently sent the message early, still working on the patch...] 
> > I submit this patch for inspection.  The goal is to increase the granularity
> > for freeing RVTs created by freeing any RVTs created within a xslt:for-each
> > element.  

 I see what you mean, and it may make sense though it would probably be
low impact for most use case. But if you're looping and building big
RVT in each iteration, yes this may make a lot of sense. Keeping a cache
like in the xmlreader to avoid global memory access on most allocations and
frees might be another worthwile but quite harder optimization. Note that
the latests versions should garantee that all names are allocated from the
dictionnaries, in itself this may make a big change.


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