Re: [xslt] stream xsl

         I looked at the push parser API's but was not able to find out 
how I to get xmlDocPtr. Here is sample functions calls I am  thinking 
void    xmlInitParser                   (void)
xmlParserCtxtPtr        xmlCreatePushParserCtxt (xmlSAXHandlerPtr sax,
                                           void * user_data,
                                               const char * chunk,
                                             int size,
                                               const char * filename)

while(there is more data)
	int     xmlParseChunk                   (xmlParserCtxtPtr ctxt,
          	                                const char * chunk,
          	                           int size,
          	                             int terminate)
//??How to get xmlDocPtr
void    xmlStopParser                   (xmlParserCtxtPtr ctxt)

Is there any sample code available for push parsing? Am I looking at 
right function calls or missing something?

On Mar 23, 2004, at 9:59 AM, Daniel Veillard wrote:

>   it seems I lost you initial mail, and never answered.
> You need to build an xmlDocPtr tree and then compile it.
> You can build the tree progressively see the push parser APIs
> xmlReader is not what you look for.
> Daniel
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