Re: [xslt] Patch for 135938

Brett Kail said:
> Hello,
> This was actually two separate bugs:
> 1.  Missing argument to an xsltGenericError call.
> 2.  Passing xsltGetCNsProp to xsltGetQNameURI, which assumes it owns
> the string
> it is passed.
> Is it preferred that patches are sent to the list, attached to
> bugzilla, or
> both?
> -Brett

Well... you are correct on your first point, and that change will be
included when the bug (eventually) gets fixed.  On the second point,
however, the intention (and the reason for calling xsltGetCNsProp)
is to utilise the new dictionary interface.  Again, your analysis
with respect to the reason for the crash is also (basically) correct
- within xsltGetQNameURI an attempt is made to free the original
QName and replace it with an NCName, and since it is a dictionary
entry (and not an allocated string) that's where the bad things (TM)

However, the "proper" fix is to achieve the objective (change the
pointer from pointing to a dictionary entry which includes the
namespace, over to a dictionary entry which has only the NCName). 
I'm working on that one (rather slowly, I'm afraid, because of some
other unrelated work), and it will be fixed before the next release.
 If you would like to propose an enhanced patch to achieve what I've
described, that would (of course) be welcome!  It would also be wise
to double-check whether a similar problem appears anywhere else in
the library.

On your final question, it's probably better to post patches which
are directly related to an open bug onto bugzilla, and (if
necessary) add yourself to the notification list for the bug.  My
thinking here is that there are probably quite a few list
subscribers who don't really care to receive that sort of
information unless it would be critical to normal usage.  Anything
posted to bugzilla is automatically forwarded to both Daniel and
myself, so there is no particular advantage to post to the list as

Thanks for your suggestion - I really appreciate your help.


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