[xslt] Re: [xml] mailing-list info ... again

Daniel Veillard wrote:
>  yeah, the mailing-lists are again under hard virus/SPAM pressure,
> more than a thousand virus mails got blocked overnight, unfortunately
> a few made it to the lists :-(, but considering the volume I just
> can't switch back to manual approval of valid posts. Sorry about that
> I just hope not too many virus will made it, and if you didn't switched
> to secure mail clients and platforms, please do so! At this rate mail
> will simply become an unusable communication medium within a couple
> of years :-(

You shouldn't bother with manual approvals in the future. If you would 
manually check every post when these storms come, you would be doing 
little else, we all know that. Most subscribers have filtering onsite 
anyway and they will probably catch whatever slips through the list.

During last 24 hours, 300+ infected emails have been sent to my email 
address. Roughly 70% of that volume I have as a courtesy of mail 
administrators. MTAs detect infected messages, wrap them in a 
won't-deliver report and then send that to the obviously forged From: 
address. A wondersome MTA setup. Exactly the turbocharge the worm needs 
to spread.

Whatever, what I wanted to say, I believe all subscribers agree that 
protecting them from email worms cannot be your responsibility. You have 
a good subscription system, you have done what you could. Nothing short 
of digital signatures would be more effective anyway. Hack in peace and 
let our mail filters do their part of the job.


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