Re: [xslt] math:max and node-sets

"William M. Brack" wrote:

> Anyway, I believe I found the problem within the library code. I
> have fixed it (module libexslt/math.c) and committed the changes to
> CVS.  I have also added a slightly modified version of your test
> program to the regression tests (tests/exslt/math/max.3.xsl).  If
> possible, please try the CVS version and see if it clears the
> problem for you.
> Regards,
> Bill

I tested your changed version of math.c (I did not check out the whole
CVS sources but simply replaced the math.c module in libxslt-1.1.2 by
the version of math.c from the CVS snapshot and re-installed). Now
everything looks fine:

xsltproc testcase10.xsl testcase.xml
Largest number value: 300
Largest number value (computed by function foo:getMaxVal): 300
Largest number value (computed by function foo:getMaxVal2): 300



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