[xslt] Re: XSLT

On 23.04.2004 16:42, Leet, Ethan C wrote:
> Hello,
> I am trying to use John Fleck 's xslt example.
> I am able to compile the program, but it does not run.
> The program crashes at the code line
> 	xsltSaveResultToFile(stdout, res, cur);
> if I comment out the line 
> 	params[nbparams] = NULL;
> it does not crash, but the program does not work correctly.
> What am I missing in running the example ?
> Does the program need certain parameters in order to run ?
> Is something not initialized ?

See http://zlatkovic.com/libxml.en.html#notes and read the first paragraph.

Warning: Starting with the next release, libxml binaries for Windows 
will be distributed under coverage of a licence different to the source 
distribution. The new licence is

     Igor's Libxml Binary Licence for Windows (ILBLW)

The content is the same as the MIT licence with the following addendum:

* By using the libxml binary on Windows platform, the user agrees with 
and accepts the following terms and conditions.

* The user certifies that he/she knows about and has understood the 
C-runtime issue on Windows platform in its entirety, information about 
which can be found in the libxml mailing list archives, as well as 
archives belonging to numerous other, related and unrelated projects.

* Should the user post a statement or a question to the libxml, or any 
other mailing list, which leads to a conclusion the previous condition 
has not been met, so will the user be liable for a donation of EUR 250 
to the GNOME Foundation.


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