[xslt] Re: Slow xsltproc XInclude of large text files

>>>>> Steinar Bang <sb@dod.no>:

> xltproc uses 4.62 user seconds when including a 75kB file.  I
> haven't yet had time to wait for it to finish including an 800kB
> file, but top reports xsltproc spinning along at a 99.5% CPU usage.
> The xsltproc process doesn't increase much in size, though.  It
> stays at a steady 6.7 to 6.8MB

The 6.8MB was when generating the autolayout.xml fil from layout.xml
(for those familiar with DocBook Website).  The time used is 452 user
seconds at an average 98% CPU utilization.

When actually processing the Website file to generate a HTML file, the
process stayed at a steady 19MB virtual, 16MB resident size.  The time
used was 449 user seconds at an average of 98% CPU utilization.  

Hm... I guess some sort of workaround is in order.  Perhaps use a perl
script to generate the XML source file, with the text file inlined,
avoiding XInclude altogether?

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