"Re: [xslt] Apply stylesheet to a subbranch of a document"

Hi Daniel,

> Daniel Veillard wrote:
>>  Well try the function modification, we will put a big warning in the API

This mail refers to this initial mail:

We modified xsltApplyStylesheetInternal to provide the ability to apply 
a stylesheet to a subbranch of a document. It worked well by simply 
changing the initial context node. But we ended up wondering why the 
heck we should mess with the specs. Originally I was influenced by the 
behaviour of the m$xml 4 parser on that issue. IOW: keep it as it is; we 
will find an other way.
Anyway, thanks for the discussion!

By the way: serializing documents took long time if using functions like 
xmlDocDumpFormatMemoryEnc, until we discovered that serializing directly 
to file was way faster (by the factor of 50 sometimes). I know that 
there was a message about this issue already somewhere on the list; so 
this is just a hint for those who transform huge documents and process 
further with the resulting xml-text. We did a workaround by serializing 
to file and then reloading the document.


Kasimier Buchcik

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