Re: [xslt] xsltproc docbook and user.header.navigation handling

Thanks for the quick reply!

>I don't know why this ever worked, but it's wrong.  
I tried changing to an earlier version of libxml/libxslt ("Using libxml 
20410, libxslt 10009 and libexslt 702")
and it worked .

>What you want is to disable output escaping on a text node.  You can use
>the disable-output-escaping attributes on xsl:text for this.  So:
><xsl:text disable-output-escaping="yes">
Actually I tried this. And *still* got the "wrong" output. What I got was

>And now I have to tell you never to use disable-output-escaping.  It's a
>horrible hack, and it's very fragile.  I presume that you're intending
>to have some unbalanced tags in user.header.navigation, and that you're
>balancing them out in user.footer.navigation. 
Yes, exactly

> The clean and correct way
>of handling this is to override chunk-element-content (assuming this is
>Norm's XSLT).
I am using norms xsl sheets ( docbook-xsl-1.60.1 ). Do you have a brief 
example of how I would accomplish this using the technique you 
described? Thanks a bunch!



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