Re: [xslt] [xsltproc] HTML compatibility ?

On Saturday 15 November 2003 21:27, Laurent wrote:
> I'm using xsltproc to parse XML documents and output them as XHTML 1.1
> (using an XSL stylesheet).
> Is there any way to tell xsltproc to be "HTML compatible" ?
> e.g.
> * for empty tags, add extra space: <img src="a.jpg" /> instead of
> <img src="a.jpg"/>
> * for empty tags that need closing, keep the closing tag: <div></div>
> instead of <div/>

You might want to take a look at XHTMLforward. It's a little tool I wrote for 
reformatting XHTML, as generated by XML tools like XSLT processors, to make 
it work in browsers that do not handle XML properly. It does just what you 
are asking for.



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