Re: [xslt] Libexslt and automake

Daniel Veillard wrote:

> On Fri, Nov 14, 2003 at 09:09:30PM +1000, Ben Fowler wrote:
>>Hi All,
>>I can get my friend's program to compile by adding a call to 
>>exsltRegisterAll() and either:
>>1) hacking /usr/lib/pkgconfig/libxslt.pc to add a "-lexslt" (yuk)
>>2) hacking my friend's program's (preferred!)
>>3) hacking my friend's ./configure script's output Makefiles.
>>I might be clueless but I'm not tasteless, so I initially opted for 
>>Option 2.  In, the following line tells configure to hunt 
>>for libxml and libxslt:
>>PKG_CHECK_MODULES(DEPS, libxml-2.0 >= 2.4.10  libxslt >= 1.0.13)
> [...]
>>So my big question is, what is the One True Way of fixing this 
>>particular issue?  Should I find a solution on my end, or should I file 
>>a bug against libxslt?
>   Hum, the True Way IMHO would be to define a
> like the, make sure it's plugged into 
> and installation script of libxslt and use it in your friend's 
> package check rule.
>   that sounds small enough that making a bugzilla entry is probably
> more resource consuming than writing the thing, can you verify the
> enclosed patch produces a working libexslt.pc ?

Okay, I was able to successfully apply the patch against HEAD in GNOME's 
CVS and the libexslt.pc file was generated okay.  I tried applying the 
patch against libxslt 1.0.32 (GARNOME 0.27.1) however, but the build 
didn't produce a libexlt.pc.  Tracking down and fixing the problem, 
unfortunately, has confounded me :-/.

I was able, after a lot of head-scratching, to work out how to patch my 
friend's software to use libexslt the Proper Way against CVS HEAD of 
libxslt fixed up with your patch, and copes with libexslt.pc not being 
present okay.

Thanks for your help, and thanks for writing such a great piece of software!



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  Level 7 General Purpose South, The University of Qld, QLD 4072
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