[xslt] Removal of win32/dsp

Hi there,

I need not repeat that the directory win32/dsp is not up-to-date for some
time now and does nothing but seeding confusion.

Since it simply does not work in its current state, I doubt that anyone is
using it. If there are people who use it, then they use their own, locally
adapted versions.

If there are no objections, I would put win32/dsp onto the attic.

I would also propose the removal of every subdirectory of win32 which
contains some IDE's project files. None of these are being maintained any
more than those in win32/dsp. All that is probably broken by now as well.

I think that the current build process implemented in ./win32 is modular
enough to be extended to any compiler. MS and GNU compilers are supported at
the moment. All others need only supply a Makefile.xxx, where xxx is the
name of the compiler, and everything will be fine. This way gives an uniform
approach to all compilers and does not require one to buy a 1500 EUR IDE for
compiling libxml.


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