[xslt] <br></br> empty elements

This is partly a followup to bug 109865. If the bugfix is creating an 
empty element as suggested, this is surely not correct. See 

"The html output method should not output an end-tag for empty 
elements. For HTML 4.0, the empty elements are area, base, basefont, 
br, col, frame, hr, img, input, isindex, link, meta and param. For 
example, an element written as <br/> or <br></br> in the stylesheet 
should be output as <br>."

At least in 1.0.27 that I'm using, <br/> with method=html is creating 
<br></br>. Both Mozilla and Konqueror, though not Opera, interpret 
<br></br> as 2 line feeds.

<br></br> - the postman always rings twice.

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