Re: [xslt] XML with curly braces {} cannot be parsed.

> Please could anybody give me a hint to make the following work. I
> get errors using Gnome XSLT on XML strings received from a remote
> SOAP server. Some of these messages cannot be parsed. I think the
> problem lies in the curly braces ( { } ) contained in the XML. If
> I replace the { and } by blanks, everything works OK.
> I use libxml2 -2.4.26 and libxslt-1.0.22.  In the included C code
> it is the xmlParseMemory( , ) that returns NULL.
> Below an example of a message that cannot be parsed, and the C
> code used.
> Thanks in advance,
> 			Albert.Dijk   (

I did a fairly quick check, using your code to parse the document
you supplied, and had no problem (xmlParseMemory replied with a
non-null address).  Could it possibly be a problem in setting up the
buffer containing the document before this routine is called, rather
than with libxml2?



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