Re: [xslt] position() yielding doubled values???

On Thu, Mar 13, 2003 at 10:12:21AM -0600, Ardo van Rangelrooij wrote:
> Hi,
> I recently took over the maintenance of the Debian package of libxslt
> and am now working my way through all the outstanding bug reports filed
> against the Debian package.
> One of the bug reports claims that given the XML file
> with the "Position" values being doubled.  I ran the same files through
> sablotron and xalan, and I got exactly the same result.  It seems rather
> unlikely to me that all three would implement position() wrong.
> I don't know XSLT well enough yet to say whether this is indeed an actual
> error.  Any thoughts?

  Seems the bug reporter got confused by forgetting the blank text nodes
which are siblings of the td nodes. Seems the bug is wrong ...


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