RE: [xslt] xsltSaveResultToFilename doesn't save?

Thank you very much for your immediate reply.

>   Well actually the code work under Linux and not under 
> Windows. You're asking for Gzip compression, you get it on 
> Linux, and not on Windows !

I am not used to linux so that didn't trigger a bell. When I didn't see
anything happen under MSW, I thought I didn't understand something in
the docs. But it was working, so didn't bother.

Now it works. My whole application as such it works. It is a great
feeling to see my apps work both under windows and linux. Though the GUI
is coded in another gui library, I use libxml and libxslt a lot within
the app. I couldn't have done it without your help - not only the
initial library but the also the support via the list. Thank you very

I also want to thank Igor for providing windows binaries.

Joseph Jude
Feature-rich album creation tool

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