RE: [xslt] Help with compiling libxslt on HP-UX

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>From: Daniel Veillard []

>  Hum, seems the best is to switch to function signature to:
>static int
>xsltIsDigitZero(unsigned int ch)
>  Honnestly I'm a bit lost on why the function should work with an 
>xmlChar, seems it's testing against unicode values but it is used to 
>test subsequent bytes in an xmlChar UTF-8 string. Maybe from an XSLT
>point of view only ASCII is allowed there but the IsDigitZero test
>is defined in term of Unicode code point. If this is the case then
>changing the signature should be fine. Since it's static it should
>not affect compatibility.

It works - Thanks !.

A following set of questions will be :

(1) Can we just do the change and move on ?
(2) I believe libxslt is designed with a ASCII POV. I say that because, when
I changed the definition of xmlChar to "uchar_t", the libxslt would not
compile. Is it intentional designed that way ?
(3) If (2) is correct, can we just live by checking for "0x30" (DIGIT ZERO),
instead of changing the input ?


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