[xslt] Help with compiling libxslt on HP-UX

	I'm trying to use the libxml2 (2.4.23) and libxslt (1.0.9) for some
PHP extensions, and I'm running into the following build problem (only on
newer compilers - it works on HP-UX 11.0):

Warning 684: "numbers.c", line 90 # Integer constant 65296 = 0xFF10 is out
    range for type unsigned char
        case 0x17E0: case 0x1810: case 0xFF10:
Error 295: "numbers.c", line 90 # Switch cases must be distinct. This case
    also appears at ["numbers.c", line 90].
        case 0x17E0: case 0x1810: case 0xFF10:

When I investigated further, I found that the problem is because the type
"xmlChar" is defined as a "unsigned char" in include/libxml/tree.h (so, it's
1 byte long), and the switch statement assumes that xmlChar holds a UTF-8
character (and hence assumes the size of xmlChar to be 2 bytes, and checks
for 0x17E0...).

The compiler tries to be intelligent, and picks up only the last byte (after
giving a warning), and then complains that the switch cases must be distinct
(of course, because 0x10 is repeated twice if you drop off the "0xFF" and
the "0x18" at the front)

Question : Has anybody run into this problem and what is the solution ?.

(can you please cc madhum@hp.com, as I've not subscribed to the list -

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