Re: [xslt] bug in xsl:processing-instruction?


In fact, the output should even be :
      echo $date;
It's far better not to use short open tags because you can configure php 
to ignore them (short_open_tag off in the php.ini), especially when you 
use XML.



Pierre François wrote:
> Hi
> When I use the following xsl statement for producing html code with 
> xsltproc:
> <xsl:processing-instruction name="php">
>   echo  $date;
> </xsl:processing-instruction>
> I get the following output:
> <?
>     echo $date;
>  >
> I'm missing the '?' before the closing '>'. I fix it by putting
> //?</xsl:processing-instruction>
> instead of </xsl:processing-instruction>, but I wonder if this is not a 
> bug of xsltproc. Does anybody know why it behaves in such a way?
> Regards.

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