Re: [xslt] xml/xst timings reported by xsltproc.

>   yeah something is taking too much CPU ... profile, there is no 
> alternative, have fun, I did profiling for libxslt ...

Actually one interesting note is that when I changed from 1 to 0
for xmlLoadExtDtdDefaultValue it gave me like 8-9ms difference.. the
curious point is that there is no DTD being referenced by my XML files.
Hmm... it seems that there is something wrong going on in my module, I
will investigate further.
>   My feeling is that you should do intermediary buffering in the 
> I/O libxml2 custom wrapper. I bet that the Apache does some kind of
flush on
> any write and that kills performances for small writes which is basically
> what the libxml2 serialization layer will do. Bufferize ...
>   But again it's just guesses, only actually profiling the code will
> give you teh real answer. And gaining 2-3ms might be a bad idea if it
> destroy cache locality when running for real !
I/O libxml2 custom wrapper? any references to info/docs/examples?

G.F. aka Gena01

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