Re: [xslt] Error when building libxslt using MinGW on Windows XP

Daniel Fréchette wrote:
> Hi Igor (or anyone else that can help),
> I'm fairly new to C although I have done much work using C++ on HP and 
> Sun a few years ago. I'm now starting a personnal project and want 
> to create a bridge between VisualWorks Smalltalk and *libxslt*, but 
> before I begin I want to build the *libxslt* library from scratch. I'm 
> currently using the MinGW compiler. I also ordered Microsoft's DDK as 
> you suggest on your web site but it has not arrived yet. So I'm starting 
> work anyway using MinGW. My problem is that when I attempt to build the 
> xslt\win32 directory (extracted from xslt-cvs-snapshot.tar.gz) I 
> get errors (see below). Can you please help me through this problem.
> Thank you very much for your time,
> Daniel


This is fixed in CVS. It now does compile, however there are annoyances 
with MinGW. Presently:

* GNU make will always rebuild everything instead of checking what 
changed since the last compilation and rebuild just that.

* GCC preprocessor doesn't output usable dependency info with -M switch.

Both issues are not general, but specific to Windows *and* libxml 
makefiles. I can give details if anyone is interested.

And just by the way, to me your statement above souds like you ordered 
DDK just because I suggested it on my website. I never suggested others 
should use DDK, I just stated that I have compiled libxml using that. 
You should not go out and order software just because I use it to 
compile libxml. Use what suits you best, we'll find a way to integrate it.


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